78% Dark Chocolate with Cane Sugar

78% Dark Chocolate with Cane Sugar


Our origins will chance over time and with it the chocolate flavor. The tasting notes below are just flavors we can taste. You will probably taste different things, depending on your own preferences and memories. Therefore share our bars with your friends and family and discover the wide flavor variety chocolate can offer.

We only have three ingredients in our chocolate: cacao, cacao butter and sugar.

Our cute bars contain 1 oz or 28g.

Currently we have the following chocolate origins in stock:

The Fruit Bomb

Origin: Madagascar, Sambirano Valley

Tasting notes: cranberry, black current, cream, kiwi

Pair Madagascar with Whiskey or a milky coffee.

The Wine Gummy

Origin: Tanzania, Udzungwa

Tasting notes: wine gummy bear, cherry, cashew

This one pairs amazing whiskey, coffee and green tea.

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