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Spiel is the German word for game or play - that’s what ChocolateSpiel is all about. Playing on and around chocolate, experimenting with delicious ingredients and creating chocolates of high quality with an extra spark of fun! Most of our products are vegan and as far as possible organic.

Enjoy our Chocolate Spiel!

Handcrafted, small-batch chocolate, proudly and lovingly made in Seattle, WA.


Founder & Owner


Owner Angi Pfleiderer ChocolateSpiel

I discovered my love for chocolate in 2016, after moving from Germany to Seattle. In Germany I used to work as a Chemical Engineer for paints. During a tour at Theo’s Chocolate Factory I realized that chocolate and paint coatings are made with very similar machines, that blew me away! That experience was the first time I thought about working in chocolate. A couple of weeks later I stumbled into my first job as a chocolate maker at indi chocolate. I learned how to make chocolate from the cacao bean, created fun and interesting truffle combinations and met many inspirational people in the process. After 2 years and a lot of work later, I decided to start my own chocolate company and that is how ChocolateSpiel began.